YouCaring Donations

Temple Climbing Club and the Nationals team thank all YouCaring donors for their support. We would like to recognize the following people (listed in reverse chronological order):

Ashley and Howard Steinberg

Sheldon Steinberg

Parin and Mubina Allidina

Hannah Braid


Shahnawaz Allidina

Khadija and Mubarak Alidina

Aunt Anonymous

Audrey Martin

Ken and Kellie Pederson

Arielle Horenstein

Tracy and Andy Male

Jesse Peña

Liz Kaminetz

Practical Climbing

Nadya Vorotnikova

Mary Ann Nagel

Melinda Izzo

Hannah Frank

Tilghman Moyer

“Silver Password”

Kimberly Anderson

Barbara Pillone

Peter Pillone

Claire Meaney

Majid Azimi

Lauren Eastwood

Pamela Murphy

Lisa Eastwood

Three Anonymous Donors