Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved?

Send an email to templeclimbingclub@gmail.com stating your interest. Alternatively, you could talk to a climbing club officer in person if you happen to see one at the wall.

Do I need previous climbing experience to join climbing club?

No experience is necessary. Members range over a variety of skill levels.

How can I improve my climbing ability?

Just climb! But also, practice, focus, and follow advice from “The Send Station.” Also, don’t hesitate to ask more experienced climbers for tips.

Where can I get climbing shoes and other gear?

Outdoors stores such as REI or Eastern Mountain Sports carry climbing equipment. Commercial climbing gyms such as PRG also sell gear. Online retailers can be a great place to buy shoes and other supplies, but it is highly recommended that you try shoes on in person before ordering online.

Check out this guide on buying climbing shoes! Also, you can watch this bomb guide by Adam Ondra on shoes!

What are dues?

As of now we have two levels of dues. You can either pay $40 per semester for a half membership which gets you Monday/Tuesday, workouts and Tufas, or pay $60 for a full membership which in addition to everything you get with the half membership you also get a t-shirt, discounted competitions, and discounted outdoor trips.

Dues can be paid at any meeting to our treasurer! For Fall 2019 they must be paid by September 17th.