Do Sports Easy (DSE)

Do Sports Easy
EVERYONE, whether you are a returning member or a new member, must fill out Do Sports Easy (DSE) every year. Temple University Campus Recreation conducts roster checks—if you aren’t on the roster, even if you have paid your dues, you CANNOT practice with TCC.
There are two convenient ways to register (and an accompanying slideshow below):
1) You can either click this link and go to Climbing Club and click register: DoSportsEasy
2) If that link doesn’t work for some reason:
  • You can Google Temple dosportseasy, click on the first link that comes up which should say Temple Sports Clubs, then scroll down to Climbing Club and click on it.
  • From there, click on the red box on the right that says join Climbing Club. That box will take you to dosportseasy, and from there you scroll down to Climbing Club and click register.
  • Sign in with your TU email and password and complete the information.
  • You will need a digital copy (pictures are fine) of both your health insurance card and your Temple ID to be verified.
  • When it asks for position, unless you are an elected officer, click on member.


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