Competitions (2021-2022)

Temple Team-Up |

Philadelphia Collegiate Climbing Series (PCCS):

Elite Opener | TBA

West Chester University | January 30, 2022

Villanova (at Gravity Vault Radnor) | TBA

Drexel University | CANCELLED

UPENN| April 2, 2022

Tufas Boulder Lounge | April 23, 2022

PRG Burn Series:

Midnight Burn
PRG Oaks  | TBA

Heart Burn
PRG East Falls  | TBA

Winter Burn
PRG Coatesville  | TBA

Final Burn
PRG Wyncote  | February 26, 2022

USA Climbing (USAC):

USAC holds an annual collegiate national climbing competition. In order to qualify for this event, competitors must first compete in a local and a regional competition. If you are interested in national or regional events, let us know. For more information talk to an officer.

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