The Temple Climbing Club is a group of friendly, dedicated rock climbers with various levels of experience. Members meet three times per week to climb, condition, and socialize.  Mondays or Tuesdays they meet at the Temple rock wall (located in STAR), Wednesdays they lift at Pearson (in gym 102), and Thursdays they walk to Tufas Boulder Lounge (on 5th and Cecil B. Moore Avenue). Throughout the semester, club travels to rock gyms around the area, competing in bouldering competitions with other universities. No experience is necessary, and no events are required. Everyone is welcome to climb at their own pace. Come on out to meet new people, hone your climbing skills, and have a great time!

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RCP 1 (78 of 90) Ryan Kremp, President
RCP 1 (46 of 52) Kate Chudzik, Vice President
20181110093332_IMG_6709.jpg Alex Hughes, Treasurer
MB-18-74-of-134.jpg Allie Silibovsky, Secretary / Social Media Chair
RCP 1 (85 of 90) Sarah McHugh, Safety Officer
Elite-me-48-of-95.jpg Eric McLaughlin, Skills Assistant
Elite-me-9-of-95.jpg Becky Payenski, Logistics Coordinator
Elite-me-4-of-95.jpg Cat Olson, Fundraising & Sponsorship Chair
Gunks-Fall-18-8-of-75.jpg Jake Werle, Outdoor Guide
20181214_153235 Thomas Demianovich, PCCS / USAC Representative